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Blake Kinchen
Field Operations Manager

Mr. Kinchen joins Atakapa Services, LLC with over 27 years of experience in the sanitary sewer and storm water evaluation techniques.  These techniques include closed circuit television, high-pressure line cleaning, smoke testing, flow monitoring, dye flood testing, night flow isolation, manhole inspections, and data analysis. He is certified in PACP, MACP, and LACP through NASSCO. He has been involved in the evaluation of over 40,000,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer and is proficient in all aspects of sanitary sewer and storm sewer cleaning and evaluation.


He was responsible for post-disaster recovery projects following both Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. Mr. Kinchen oversaw 200 cleaning trucks and crews to get the city of New Orleans back up and running in September of 2005. Following Hurricane Rita in Lake Charles, Louisiana, he organized 12 trucks and crews to clean up the city.

Prior to joining Atakapa Services, LLC, Mr. Kinchen served 20 years at Compliance Enviro-Systems in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he was responsible for project management and field services, business development and oversaw the marketing team.